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Our Aims

Our aims are:

  • To provide good quality person centred support
  • To support people to have the opportunity and the choice to take part in as many of the different things that are happening in their community as they wish
  • To make sure we support people to stay healthy
  • To support everyone, no matter what their needs are
  • To make sure people have all the support they need to take control of their lives
  • To make sure that the people who use our service and their families are supported by staff who:
    • they like and trust
    • have the right skills
    • Are there when they say they will be
    • Are sensitive
  • To work with partners to make sure change happens for people.
  • To learn new skills that might help them in their own lives including:
    • Money
    • Using buses and trains
    • Cooking
    • Working
    • Learning
  • To support people to make friends or have relationships with others, not just family or people who are paid to be in their lives
  • To give support to people even if other services can’t

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