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Family and Carers

Finding the right support for someone you care for can be a stressful process. That’s why we provide help and advice to support you in making the right decision, and to make sure that we can arrange the most suitable service based on individual needs.

If you would like to discuss arranging a service with us you can get in touch with us for some advice or ring us on 0151 207 9120.

Quotes from Families:

“He does an amazing job with the team and training up new staff. He makes sure that the team do everything in the correct manner to support my son who is having a great time.”

“Natural Breaks are the best people I’ve ever come across, the staff team around my son remains the same. This is important to them. They know how to treat my son. The staff are flexible, reliable and mature.”

“She is our most precious commodity and I wouldn’t leave her with you if I wasn’t 100% sure she was safe”

“Natural Breaks not only supports my daughter well, but they have helped us as parents over the years and it is wonderful to see them support each other—they are a great team.”


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