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Our Values

Our principles

When we work with you we want everyone to agree to work to this set of values.

Person Centredness

We will make sure that every person gets the service they want and need, we will stick with people in good times and bad. We will always listen and keep learning from the things people tell us.

Openness and Honesty

We will be honest and always explain what is happening at Natural Breaks. We will make sure that everything we do is clear and understood by everyone.


We will empower people by treating everyone in the same way and by being truthful and fair.


We always want to show that we are loyal by being there for people when they need us and being committed to giving a quality service.


We are committed to giving the best service and offering the best value we can all of the time.


We will act in a thoughtful and understanding way to deal with any changes that may happen to people we support both in their lives and in the organisation.


We will treat everyone at Natural Breaks in the same way regardless of:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender (Man or woman)
  • Sexual orientation (gay/lesbian/bisexual)
  • Religion
  • Colour or ethnicity

Environmentally Friendly

We will always try to use ethical products this means things that do not damage or harm people, animals or the environment we will save energy and recycle where and when we can.

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