Our ‘Have Your Say’ meetings occur every two months and provide a platform for people we support to discuss the organisation as a whole alongside their support, recruitment, training, activities and co-production.


The ‘Have Your Say’ group enables people we support to voice their opinions, concerns, thoughts and ideas in a supportive environment. From the meetings, we are provided with insights into what is working well and where there may be room for improvement.

“Today has been great. I’ve been able to talk about things important to me and my support”

Paul, who draws on support from Natural Breaks and has attended one of our ‘Have Your Say’ sessions

Our latest meeting took place at the beginning of April and focused on the organisation’s newsletter, future activities, the ‘Take a Break’ project and how those supported by Natural Breaks could get involved with the welcome day for new staff.

The ‘Have Your Say’ group discussed each topic openly and shared comments, suggestions or ideas. By getting this feedback, we are able to ensure that items such as the newsletter or activities remain engaging and reflective of the interests of people we support.

“I’ve loved coming along. My favourite part has been talking about the newsletter and having my lunch”.

Karen, who draws on support from Natural Breaks and has attended all of our ‘Have Your Say’ sessions

Our discussion about the welcome day at Natural Breaks generated a number of brilliant collaboration ideas to make the experience for new staff more personable and informative.

“It’s been great. I’ve loved coming here, to the office, sitting like a family, listening to everyone and making sure everyone has a chance to speak”.

Michael, who has attended all our ‘Have Your Say’ meetings in 2024

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