Hello. My name is Kate Hill.   I am doing a sponsored abseil with the hope of raising funds to go towards the cost of a fully accessible caravan which can provide fun and inclusive holidays for the people we support.  Not only am I throwing myself out of a lighthouse, I am doing it at the ungodly hour of 10am on a Sunday morning!!!  (That's surely worth a few quid)

I've worked for Natural Breaks for many years, and have had the pleasure of meeting some wonderfully unique people in the process.

Sadly, it is all too apparent the changes that cuts to services have meant to the people that we support. Supported holidays have become far more of a luxury with little importance placed on the need for them. We at Natural Breaks think everyone deserves to get away from it all and are therefore fundraising for a fully accessible caravan to do our best to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to get that break away and let their hair down.

Please sponsor me - thanks Kate x

Kathryn Hill