In 2020 I wanted to set myself some challenges - The first of these was climbing Mount Toubkal in Morrocco in May, followed by sky diving shortly afterwards. While participating in these adventures I was planning on raising a little bit of money for Natural Breaks, and possibly a little awareness of what we do in the city and communities of the people we support. Help raise awareness of the needs of others, specifically vulnerable adults with complex health needs, Autism, epilepsy and learning difficulties.

Something which since me joining the company in 2018 has changed my outlook on a lot of personal things.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 across the UK and the ordered lockdown and social distancing both my trips have had to be cancelled as I was due to fly to Morocco on May 13th. The excellent response from Skyhook Adventures was to basically just say hopefully when this is all over we can pick up where we left off and do this climb, so thanks to them.

However I would like to continue this fundraiser for the company because now more than ever, we also, the support workers for vulnerable adults, are not able to stop because these people need us to care for them. Our organisation is a charity organisation and have to prepare for possibilities at some point we may experience difficulties with staff and services users becoming unwell, but we cannot stop! Any donation big or small is much appreciated and makes a huge difference. The gift is giving.

James Gardner