I didn't take up running until I was 60 a few years ago. I remember chatting to Karen Burke, the Natural Breaks Finance Manager, who introduced me to something called 'couch to 5k'. This is a marvellous scheme developed by the NHS and gently introduced me to running. I haven't looked back since and gradually have run longer and longer distances.

I try to run in about 2 or 3 organised events each year, and this year my first serious run will the 2018 Port Sunlight Festival of Running on 17th June and I will be running both the 5k and 10k.

I decided that I would like to raise money for Natural Breaks as we recently gained charitable status and as the Chair I feel like I should lead the way at raising funds for people we support. Our ethos is “we believe living an ordinary life can be extraordinary” and I want to help people to do just that!

I’ll keep you updated with my runs and times and I hope that you sponsor me.

Thank you

Kevin Lloyd
Chair of Natural Breaks Ltd