If you would like to find out more about Natural Breaks or are interested in us providing a service – get in touch!

You can do this by:

  • Calling us on 0151 207 9120 for chat
  • Or click here

We can send further information to you – in the post or by email.

The next thing to do is get in touch with a Social Worker.  They will carry out an assessment that will decide how much support you will be funded for by Social Services.  You can ask that Natural Breaks be the organisation that provides your support.

There are other ways to pay for support – you might pay for yourself from your own money, have a direct payment, a health budget or personal budget.

We will work with you to find out what you want from your support, how best to support you and the right staff to support you.

We believe that an ordinary life can be extraordinary and we can support you to achieve this!

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