Natural Breaks provides support for people to lead ordinary lives that it is bespoke to the person.

We support people to be as independent as possible and have choice and control in their lives - while supporting people to make good decisions around their health and wellbeing.

Our support is respite for families too - we take a holistic approach in the way we work and know that by supporting people well - we are taking away worries and stresses of the family.

One parent said “She is our most precious commodity and I wouldn’t leave her with you if I wasn’t 100% sure she was safe.”

Every service is unique and bespoke to the individual - from supporting people to get shopping to realising a dream of going on holiday!  

If you would like to find out more about what we do and how we could help you or a relative or friend please contact us by phone on 0151 207 9120 or click here