Last year, Anthony and Paul decided that they wanted to redecorate their home.


Both wanted to change their wallpaper, put carpet in their home and update the décor.


After having a conversation with Anthony and Paul to establish their expectations, preferences and wants, we organised a date for the work to begin.

During the conversation, both Anthony and Paul expressed that they did not want to be at home when the decoration work was ongoing.


So, we spoke to Anthony and Paul about how long the work would take (which was 7 days) and where they would be happy to stay for that length of time.


They both decided that they would like to go to Ribby Hall because they had been before - it was familiar, it was safe - and there were activities for them to join in on.

Ribby Hall was lovely. I’m super happy that our home is getting done and my bedroom has been redecorated. I can’t wait for our new couch [recliner] to come so I can lie back”.


“I’m glad that the house is getting done. We still need to do a few things like buy our new tele. We are waiting for our new couch to come and we’re both excited”.


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