Being supported by Natural Breaks to live in his own home independently has been the best thing for Peter.  All of us are brought up knowing that when we grow up we leave home and move into our own homes.  It was Peter’s right to have the choice of independent living – the same as it was my right - there is no difference and you can tell that he loves it.

Peter loves going out in the car for a drive and also for days out.  He likes going on walks, although he doesn’t walk quite as far these days.  He also likes to sit in his own home enjoying a cup of tea and watching the football (come on you Reds!).  Peter also likes it when his family come and visit.  It’s not all about going skydiving, it is doing the ordinary things, spending time with family and friends, bbq’s in the garden, having a sing song, these are the things that Peter enjoys.

Peter has been with Natural Breaks for over 20 years and the team are all suited to Peter that is the most important thing.  He likes the camaraderie and the conversation with the lads.  Peter likes familiarity and his team really do care.  It is the sign of a good organisation that when you talk about staff you talk in years and not months.

First and foremost is trust.  We are entrusting our brother to the care of Natural Breaks.  It speaks volumes that we walk away and trust Peter to your care, if we didn’t trust you it wouldn’t happen.  The staff reflect the organisation, the care and empathy is second to none. Natural Breaks by supporting Peter supports my life without question.

Peter loves his staff and I admire the dedication of the team to support my brother.

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