Cathy has been supported by Natural Breaks for 18 years and is supported to live in her own home which Cathy shares with her friend.

Cathy's mum and dad decided to have support from Naturals Breaks after a recommendation from a friend.  Cathy began to be supported by our Social and Learning Department and accessed college, day centre services and enjoying everyday activities including bowling and swimming.

When Cathy turned 40 her mum and dad began thinking about Cathy's future.  They wanted Cathy to remain with Natural Breaks so Cathy begin the transition from Social and Learning to Natural Breaks Supported Living Service.

Cathy was involved in a road traffic accident when she was 6 years old and was in a coma for  a very long time. Cathy also suffered a stroke resulting in an acquired brain injury, couldn't walk and loss of speech.

Health professionals advised Cathy’s mum that Cathy would not regain any skills and would spend the rest of her time in a wheelchair. Cathy's mum along with the full support of her family worked hard  to prove them wrong and developed a full physio schedule to support Cathy to regain as many skills as possible.

Cathy's mum worked in partnership with volunteers from Liverpool John Moores University over a period of 10 years and Cathy learned to walk independently.  Cathy's dad used his creative skills to build furniture that was accessible and bespoke to Cathy.

Since Cathy has been supported by Natural Breaks Cathy has had the chance to develop her own style and take part in things she had never done before.

Cathy has 24 hour support and her own car which provides her with freedom and independence to go out when ever suits her.