Tom works at the Croissant of Inequality on Holt Road every Tuesday between 11am and 1pm. Tom says “As soon as I get to work I wash my hands and put my apron on. My job is to wash up and serve customers. I make cheese toasties for people and jam on toast and tea and coffee. I like working with Dawn and Sophie.”

Tom needs to be prepared when he goes to work and before he leaves the house Tom makes sure he has his bus pass, money and looks smart. Tom needs to be on time and reliable.

Tom said his favourite food that the Croissant of Inequality make is the Sweet Potato Soup and the bread is made a couple of doors down at the Kensington Bread Company, fresh every day and it tastes fab!

Every Tuesday Dawn does the Echo Quiz and the prize is the Penguin of Knowledge – that Tom hopes to win one day!

Tom loves it when it is busy and the café is great as people come in and play the guitar and chat – it is a great community venue.

The Croissant of Inequality sells freshly made vegetarian food and is a really important part of the community in Kensington as it is attached to the Kensington Loud and Clear radio studios. It also has space where people can learn things like lino printing and guitar – it has great character and everyone is welcome.

After Tom has finished working at the café and has a lovely lunch, he goes to Fusion in town to meet up with his best friend David and he may occasionally have a dance!