Jenny has been supported by Natural Breaks for 19 years.  I had used other companies and had heard that Natural Breaks was really good.  It was a non-profit making organisation and it sounded exactly who we needed to support Jen and we have been with Natural Breaks ever since. 

Jenny has a fabulous team of people around her, each member of the team brings different qualities to the table to support Jen in the best way.  The team work together and help each other, they notice everything and I know everything they do is for Jen’s benefit.  They know Jen’s facial expressions, her moods, how Jen responds to certain things and know what she needs.  

Jen is such a complex person to support and it can be frightening for people and new staff to be alone with her.  The team train the new staff member up on how Jen responds to certain things.  It is a fearful thing having all of that responsibility, the job is done for love.  It is amazing how the staff get to know people and their needs and learn to support people even on their worst days and keep going back.  

I cannot count the number of times the staff on Jen’s team have gone above and beyond and should have gone home but stayed in the hospital with me waiting to know how Jen is.   The staff team do not have to send me photos each day, or update me on all of Jen’s victories but they do and they support her to achieve everything.

Jen might not speak for days and then surprise you by saying something, you know she is taking everything in. 

Natural Breaks works with the families and is such a help.  You know your youngster is well looked after and you can stop worrying about what will happen to them when you are gone.  

Jenny went on holiday to London with Natalie and Alison.  I know how challenging this was and I also know that not many support workers would have the guts to go.  Natalie has been with Jenny for 13 years and knows her so well. 

On their last trip to London, Jen was wrapped up warm, had the rain cover over her and as they walked past the theatre, Jen pointed to the poster outside.  So there and then Alison went in, booked tickets for the show and Jen had a fabulous time. 

I get very emotional, I could not have better help for my daughter, even if I paid thousands of pounds I know I could not get better.  They are a part of my family and they have made my life liveable.  I can go off and do something nice and I do not have to worry about Jen.  They are just amazing and I can not say enough about Keely, she is the best.  Keely has built an amazing team around Jen, they help and support Jen, me and each other.  It is wonderful to see as it is so rare, they are a great team of people, a great group of friends to everyone.

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