Anthony decided that he would like to do some voluntary work and he spoke to his support worker Alison about different things he could do and what he would enjoy doing most. 

Anthony and Alison went along to the British Heart Foundation on Bold Street and spoke to Hayley the manager, to ask if there were any voluntary jobs available. Hayley invited Anthony to come in for an interview.

Anthony said “When I went for my interview I wore my suit and I looked really smart. Hayley asked me some questions and told me about the British Heart Foundation. I really wanted to work for the British Heart Foundation because of my dad. I was made up when she said that I had the job. Me and Hayley talked about what days she would like me to work.

I work there every Tuesday and Thursday. I start work at 11am and finish at 3pm. I have to make sure I get up on time and that I am looking smart for work. I make sure I’ve done my packed lunch and that I remember my bus pass.  I am really enjoying working there."

 At Natural Breaks we work really hard to support people to lead an ordinary life and we are really proud of Anthony and his commitment and dedication to his job at the British Heart Foundation.  Anthony is learning new skills, making new friends and working for a Charity that is really close to his heart.  Well done Anthony!