Chris has been supported by Natural Breaks for 15 years.

Chris was born with learning disabilities and fostered by Millie and Ray when he was just a couple of weeks old. Chris was in and out of hospital for the first few years of his life as he had holes in his heart. He had lots of operations to repair these.

He went home with Millie and Ray and lived with his new brothers and sisters. Chris learnt to walk and talk even though the doctors said he never would. Chris stayed with Millie and Ray his whole life and they are Chris’s mum and dad.

When Chris was 18 he came to Natural Breaks.

Chris has become more independent while being supported by Natural Breaks. Chris does a wide range of activities that keep him healthy.

Chris has a consistent staff team around him that really helps with his day to day living and people knowing him helps as he has limited speech.

I go on holidays and have got my passport – I went on a plane for the first time ever supported by Natural Breaks.

The staff help me to maintain contact with my family through regular visits, attending church weekly and supporting me to family parties.

I now have a season ticket for Everton which means I support my favourite team and I’m a part of the Everton family.