Hi, my name is Emma and I'm a support worker on Social and Learning.  I’ve recently started to work with a fantastic lady called Karen.  As I’ve got to know a bit about her I’ve learned that she loves 80’s music, that she listens to it on her i-pod a lot and downloads loads of music.  I’ve also discovered that she is brilliant at taking photos and films and asks lots of questions on how to use all the different functions. 

I’m quite good at helping Karen but I asked her if she would like to learn more and if she’d like me to find some classes.  Karen was really up for it and I found out the Apple Store in Liverpool 1 do free classes to show you how to use your i-pad etc. 

 Karen and I went along and we have had a great time learning how to do all sorts of things— the best was learning how to draw and do art.  I’m loving getting to know Karen, finding out what she enjoys, watching her grow in confidence and developing new skills.  Why don’t you have a go too—or support someone to learn some new skills https://www.apple.com/uk/retail/liverpool/.  I love my job and that every day is different!