This Trustee Week, we are celebrating our board of trustees and the contribution they make to Natural Breaks every day.


Meet Kevin – our Chair of Trustees. Kevin has worked with Natural Breaks since 2005 and has now shared his journey with us, for all to hear.


How long have you been a trustee at Natural Breaks?

I joined Natural Breaks almost 20 years ago in 2005.


Tell us about your background (in the sector).

I worked at management level in an insurance company for most of my career. Then had my own consultancy business around HR & Payroll systems until ‘retirement’. Apart from knowledge around insurance, HR and Payroll, I feel the main skills I bring are business planning, management development and general financial acumen.


Why did you want to become a trustee at Natural Breaks?

I wanted to give my time and expertise to organisations that meet my values and beliefs. As soon as I met the managers and staff at Natural Breaks and the way they welcomed me from Day 1, I knew it was for me.


What has been your highlight since joining Natural Breaks?

Most of what I’ve done has been ‘behind the scenes’, trying not to get too involved with day to day operations but making sure that Natural Breaks is a well-run organisation and meets its compliance requirements for example, with the Charity Commission.

I’ve also done a little bit of fundraising for Natural Breaks. The most memorable being running 200 5k’s to raise £1000 during 2021 – my knees will never forget that challenge!


What impact have you experienced on the lives of people we support at Natural Breaks?

Natural Breaks has always had a reputation for going above and beyond and I’ve heard of so many examples where our staff have made a real difference. But for an across the board effort and for such a lengthy period, I will always remember Covid. There was so much uncertainty, particularly in the early days, but everyone did so much to ensure all the people we support would feel safe and, by use of technology, Zoom etc, kept involved and in contact with their friends and family.


What has your experience at Natural Breaks been like so far?

It’s like being in one big family. I’ve always felt welcomed and I hope I’ve always been welcoming!

I can sum it up in three words…kind, respect and modest. In all my time with Natural Breaks I’ve always been impressed by the kindness and respectfulness that runs through everything we do with the people we support. And, how modest everyone is. 


What future plans do you envision for Natural Breaks?

In general terms, I would like to see the importance of the social care sector and the workforce properly recognised by HM Government through better funding, pay and development paths. Specifically, for Natural Breaks, I want the Trustees and Managers to keep doing all we can within the funding we receive, so more people could be supported by us and benefit from the exceptional care and support we provide.