Well we hope that’s not true!!! 

Everyone has been having a fantastic time here at Natural Breaks supporting the World Cup and we had a fabulous; fun-filled; footilicious afternoon with table football, flags, food and friends enjoying the match!

The Football Table was a massive hit and Louis was an expert at scoring goals – another dark horse was Jonathan who was excellent also!

It was lovely to see everyone and the atmosphere was amazing – let’s hope England win a few matches this year!

Kath was supporting the Reds (Morocco!) and cheering them on “Come on you Reds!” while our Karen was behind Portugal – “Come on you whites!”  There were a lot of tense moments and near misses and the final score was 1-0 to Portugal with a goal from Christian Ronaldo.

The World Cup really brings everyone together and in a celebrating mood – let’s hope we see some more cracking goals on the way to the finals and Natural Breaks is enjoying the world cup!