Natural Breaks are working alongside the Making It Real framework and have begun demonstrating how the work we do is centred on personalisation.


Making It Real is a framework created by TLAP (Think Local Act Personal) and is built around six themes that reflect the most important elements of personalised care and support.


The six themes are living the life I want, keeping safe and well, having the information I need when I need it, keeping families friends and connections, my support my way, when things need to change and the people who support me.


Making It Real focuses on person centred care and how good care/support looks at what is important to an individual, in order for them to live a life they want. This can be split into two points of view – ‘I’ and ‘We’ statements.


‘I’ statements say what good care and support looks like if you are the person accessing services. ‘We’ statements say what you should be doing if you work at an organisation that wants to be good at providing person centred support.


Within the Natural Breaks office, we have started designing wall displays that illustrate how the ‘We’ lives up to the ‘I’.


Our aim is to demonstrate how we work alongside people we support and talk to people to find out what matters to them, what they want to do and what their goals are.


The displays will be co-produced with people we support, service coordinators and support staff.


As an organisation, we are dedicated to mirroring the care we provide with what support looks like to individuals and what they would love to do with their lives.


Alongside the displays, we will actively work and incorporate the Making It Real framework into our everyday role.

Our CEO, Diane, attended the Think Local Act Personal Inaugural Innovation Hack Day in December 2023.


The Day focused on connecting and collaborating on how organisations and groups can support a shift in making the Adult Social Care sector more nimble and innovative.


Our vision and mission is to work alongside others to create a brighter future where people can do the things that matter to them, access their communities and be with people they love.


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