The 4th session of this absolutely amazing course with Liverpool Community Spirit taught us all about the Hindu and Sikh cultures. 

We learned about Ganesh.  He is a Hindu God who has the head of an elephant and a body of man.  He is a good luck symbol and also strength – like the elephant.  The chant “om” is associated with Hinduism.  We learned that the word “Namaste” is a  traditional Hindu greeting.  The Hindu has many gods. 

We also found out that Sikhism was founded by a man called Guru Nanak and Sikhs believe in one God who guides and protects them. Sikhs see everybody as an equal. Leading a good life, doing good things and making the right choices are an important part of the Sikh faith.  

We also learned about the 5 “Ks” of Sikhism.  These are: 

Kesh – that you do not cut your hair

Kangha – a wooden comb for your hair

Kara – a bracelet made of iron

Kachera – cotton under garment that you tie up

Kirpan – an iron dagger 

As well as learning about Hinduism and Sikhism we got the chance to cook some of the traditional food. 

This week everyone worked hard and made a gorgeous lunch that we all ate together.  The cooking is the highlight of each session and people are becoming more confident each week and trying different parts of the meal.  This week Steve made the Dahl, Diane made the Curry and Alan made Banana Bread. 

Diane Hesketh CEO of Natural Breaks said “I am so impressed with the feedback I am getting about the Taste of Life course that people are doing, both from people we support and staff – everyone is learning from it and gaining new skills.  We are really fortunate to work with such fabulous organisations and I can’t thank everyone at LCS enough for all of the opportunities that people we support have had.”

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