It was our final session with Liverpool Community Spirit and we are all gutted that the Taste of Life course has come to end –but what a fantastic final day we’ve had!  For our final week we explored our very own culture Scouse!  Liverpool has very strong links to Ireland and we talked about the influences it has still.  We learned about The Potato Famine and how lots of people left Ireland and emigrated and came to Liverpool, and sailed from Liverpool to other countries.  Over 1 million people starved to death it was a terrible time and that the Irish call it the “Great Hunger”.  

We also talked about the story behind the Claddagh Ring.  The Claddagh ring means love, loyalty and friendship.  The 2 hands that hold the heart represent friendship.  The heart represents love and the crown represents loyalty.  Matthew told us that there is a way to wear the Claddagh ring and they are: 

  • Single: You should wear the ring on your right hand with the heart facing outwards.
  • Relationship: You should wear it on your right hand with the heart pointed inwards.
  • Married: You wear it on your left hand with the heart facing inward.

Matthew got us singing some traditional Irish Songs and everyone enjoyed singing “Wild Rover” and “Alive, Alive-O”. 

For our final meal together we made a Blind Scouse – scouse with no meat.  Steven made this and chopped all of the carrots, onions, swede and potatoes.  Tom and Alan made bread for us using buttermilk and bicarbonate of soda and Diane made “Wet Nelly” which is a famous Liverpool pudding like bread pudding. 

Everyone worked really hard and the end result was fabulous. 

Tom, Alan, Steven, Diane, Dave, Andy and Maureen all received their certificates for completing the course. 

Alan said “It’s been good, I’ve made bread and cakes and I loved the singing.” 

Diane said “I’ve loved every second of being here and I’m going to be cooking this when I get home for everyone.  Everyone is really lovely.” 

Diane gave Matthew and the team and little gift from everyone to thank LCS for being so welcoming and kind. 

Diane Hesketh CEO of Natural Breaks said “I’ve really enjoyed seeing all of the wonderful pictures and videos of people enjoying themselves, learning and trying new things – Natural Breaks strapline is “we believe living an ordinary life can be extraordinary” and this has really been true of this course.  On first glance people thought they were getting the chance to learn how to cook, what people have come away with is a great sense of achievement, being hospitable and welcoming to all and knowledge of different cultures.  I’m really proud of everyone for committing to the course and seeing how the things people learned – particularly the cooking aspect will be incorporated and fingers crossed I might get invited along to one of the meals that Diane is making.”

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