Following on from the success of Project Art Works (PAW) project Illuminating the Wilderness - Natural Breaks, Options for Supported Living, Acorn Farm, Mencap Liverpool and Sefton, Blue Room Bluecoats Inclusive Arts Project and the Tate Liverpool were really keen to keep this alive in some way in Liverpool.  Being involved with Project Art Works is something that has affected all of the organisations quite deeply and we all were keen to work together to see what we can do to continue the Project Art Works legacy.


As a collective we decided that we needed to consult with people we support about what they would like to do and how they would like to see this project grow and evolve.  Our first event since the Illuminating the Wilderness finale back in April was held at the beginning of September and each organisation hosted a different area for people to engage with and the Tate Liverpool hosted the event.

In all 50 people attended on the day and the feedback has been overwhelming positive.  Blue Room facilitated people to create “zines” about health and to get people thinking about the things in life that kept us healthy and they also enabled people to come up with ideas for names of the group going forward.  We think that the #backtothewilderness is a great hashtag to use for our work following on from the Project Artworks hashtag #illuminatingthewilderness.  Acorn Farm bought the outside in and Mencap talked about how much sugar was in the cereal we eat at breakfast.  Options had 3 instructions for people to follow and it was interesting to see how people did things a bit differently and the finished results.  Natural Breaks wrote out the hashtag “back to the wilderness” for everyone to decorate and it was quite therapeutic.


We will be heading #backtothewilderness soon with all our friends – watch this space!

 If you would like to know more about Natural Breaks and what we do we would love to hear from you!