I applied for the 2019 London Marathon in May for the second time and I was delighted when I found out I had been selected to run in November and although I am reasonably fit I knew I had to start training for this MASSIVE challenge. 

I began with the couch to 5k app on my phone – which I would recommend to anyone who is new to running it really helped to get me started! 

I decided that I’d like to raise money for Natural Breaks Caravan Fund as each time I’ve met people supported by Natural Breaks they have either pulled on my heartstrings or made me giggle!  I wasn’t sure how much money I was going to raise so began with a target of £500 and I’m so proud that I managed to absolutely smash this – so I increased it to £1500 – which I’ve also managed to smash!!  I can’t thank everyone enough for all of the sponsorship and support.

It was really tough going at times both mentally and physically.  The best part was the crowds shouting my name as I ran,  I’m so glad I had it printed on my t-shirt!!  The community spirit was incredible and each area of London had something different to offer whether that was the scenery, music or food!  People were handing out a range of treats to runners as we passed.  I am now sick of jelly babies and the best was the ice cream man who was handing out the old school ice lollies!  Also it meant the world to me to see my family at different points on the course who had come to cheer me on.  It also kept me going knowing that  the money is going to be making a real difference to people’s life and I am helping Natural Breaks to achieve it’s motto “we believe living an ordinary life can be extraordinary” – I can’t wait to hear about all of the lovely things people will be doing on their holidays and to see the caravan. 

I would love to do it again next year if I am successful in the ballot. I would love to beat my time next year and have even more fun and raise more money!  

Plus, lucky me I only gained one blister on my foot! Thank you again to everyone who donated, supported me and believed in me – you can still sponsor me on https://www.naturalbreaks.co.uk/fundraisers/emilys-london-marathon-escapade - please keep sponsoring me - I have raised £1701 so far.  It has been such a huge personal challenge to me to not just running 26.2miles but also managing to raise such a large amount of money – it’s been amazing!  I celebrated with pizza, prosecco, paracetamol and ibuprofen!