In March, Ethan got involved with Glow Liverpool and walked 5km to raise money for Alzheimer’s Society.


Alzheimer’s Society is a UK charity that supports people with dementia and their carers. To learn more about Glow Liverpool and Alzheimer’s Society, click here


Ethan and his support team wore brightly coloured, neon accessories on their walk.

Ethan raised £250 and had a fantastic time doing his walk, even though it was raining.

Eddie, one of Ethan's support workers

Ethan and staff really enjoyed the walk, mainly watching Ethan training pushing himself further and further in the distance he covered and overcoming noise distractions.

On the day of the walk, Ethan enjoyed choosing all the glow equipment and bright stickers for his t-shirt that he wore on the night. The night of the event, although the weather was terrible, Ethan and the staff braved the elements to go for the walk. There was many events going on at the same time and Ethan did brilliantly dealing with the crowds and the noise of the MC. 

Ethan started the walk slightly earlier due to the noise but was singing along with staff throughout the walk. At the end of the walk, his parents were there to greet him and congratulate him. It was a huge achievement for Ethan, who still keeps up going for walks which benefits his wellbeing and health.

Ethan loves walking and wants to set himself a new challenge. Ethan is planning to walk up Snowdon next, with his support team.

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