Paul and Anthony had lived in their last homes for over 20 years and were sad when it was time to move to their new place.  18 months on, they are really happy in their new homes and actually like them more, but the one thing they do miss is their old neighbours Lesley, Andrew and David.

With help from Liverpool City Council Social Workers and Accomplish, Donna who is the Team Co-Ordinator for Paul and Anthony managed to find out where their friends had moved to and supported Anthony and Paul to visit them in their new home.

Paul said “I’m so happy and excited to see my friends, we had a lovely lunch and I took a card and some sweets, I can’t wait to see them again”. 

Donna said “When people had to move home it was a massive upheaval and caused a lot of anxiety for individuals and we worked really hard to find people new homes.  I’m really pleased with how happy Anthony and Paul are.  They did say that they missed their friends and it was great to be a part of organising this reunion and we will continue to support Paul and Anthony to stay in touch with their friends.”