As part of the River Festival Liverpool Changing Tides Programme the Anglican Cathedral displayed the most stunning art work called “Gaia” by Luke Jerram. It is truly an awesome sight to see.  A group of us went along to see the Gaia Exhibition and we thought it was absolutely out of this world!  

The Anglican Cathedral is a stunning building and we have enjoyed the views from the tower many times, this was the perfect place for Gaia to be on display in Liverpool. 

We also took along our One World Football created by Mark Wallinger as it is a miniature Gaia and thought it very fitting to bring the two pieces of art together.  Gaia is beautiful and makes us realise what a wonderful, beautiful, vast planet we have and how we need to take care of the world. One World makes us think about peace and bringing people together in our communities and across the world, it was a great experience and we are all really happy we got to see Gaia.

Natural Breaks motto is “ordinary living, extraordinary lives” and going to see these amazing things, taking part in the festivals and events that happen in Liverpool is something we are really lucky to have on our doorstep and we really do love getting involved in. 

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