Natural Breaks has our own independently facilitated group called “Have Your Say Group”.  This is where people we support can go along and speak up about what they think of the service people receive.

The Have Your Say Group has been running for a number of years and it is facilitated by Gill Goodwin.  Gill listens to what people have to say about their support and tells managers. This time Gill helped people think about what they want from 2019, for example: Is it meeting people? Getting out and about? Learning new things? Having new adventures? Going to work?  People had lots of fantastic things to share.

Bill really wants to do a Jack the Ripper tour in London and go on more coach trips with his friends.  Dave would like to go and do some work on an allotment as he enjoys being outside.  Everyone bought loads to the meeting.  The Natural Breaks Trustees have asked that people come along to the next Trustee Meeting to chat about what goes on and the Have Your Say Group and people are quite excited about it!

It is always a great day at the Have Your Say Group and we have a big plan of action that we are working for the next one. 

Bill said “Natural Breaks is the best support there is.”