Bill had lived in his last flat for nearly 10 years and although it was ok, it was on the 3rd floor and all of those stairs were becoming a little bit tough to get up and down each day, so for the past few months Bill with a lot of Help from Pam have been looking for a new place for him to live. 

Bill said “Pam has been on Property Pool a lot for me and we’ve looked at 4 different properties and they were ok, but they were all on the 1st or 2nd floor.  They did have a lift which was better than what I had, but I really wanted somewhere on the ground floor.   Pam arranged for me to look around here and as soon as I seen it I said to Pam “This is the one, this is what I want.” and Pam helped me to go through Property Pool so that I could move in.  It has been a lot of work for everyone, Pam and Tom my support, we’ve bought new things and Susan’s dad came in to decorate before I moved in and I picked the colours I wanted for each room.  It’s got one bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen and living room and it is perfect for me.

It is really quiet and I can look over the garden at the back which I like and there are planters out the front that I am going to plant up as I enjoy gardening.  I like that there is a communal living room and it never feels busy even when there are lots of people in there, there is a communal kitchen we can use, the laundry room, the games room and there is a hair salon as well.  I am making friends and everyone is so friendly.  

45 people live here and there are quite a few young people in their 50’s which I was not expecting.  There is always a warden on and I have got my lifeline too.  I have still got my own front door and my independence but I also feel a lot safer and a lot more confident here and I would like to thank Sue, Pam and Tom and Natural Breaks if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have this – thank you.”

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