Natural Breaks are a registered charity with over 30 years' experience of providing care and support to adults with disabilities, autism and acquired brain injuries. 


Over recent years, the cost of living crisis has only added to the everyday financial worries and difficulties of disabled people with holidays or short breaks simply becoming unaffordable. 



In 2022, we launched our 'Take a Break' project to bring people together to have fun, create lasting experiences, alleviate financial pressures from families/carers and enable people we support to enjoy accessible and affordable holidays, short breaks or community activities.


The ‘Take a Break’ project has already had such a positive impact and we are looking forward to seeing its growth.


For 2022/23, you can access and read our Annual Impact Report here: takeabreak2022to2023impactreport.pdf


“Our ‘Take a Break’ project continues to be relevant and impactful especially during today’s climate. We’ve had the pleasure of working with other organisations and supporting many families. I can only that we continue to grow our project and enable as many people as possible”.

Diane, CEO


If you are interested in learning more about our ‘take a Break’ project or how you can get involved, drop an email to [email protected].