Yesterday we had an absolutely awesome day in Sefton Park with Danny from Pelaton Liverpool and his trio bike.  The trio bike is much like a rickshaw in that it has one person who cycles and it can have 1 or 2 people at the front enjoying the ride. The bike is brilliant for people with limited mobility and yesterday it was put to good use by lots of people supported by Natural Breaks. 

The trio bike can only go a maximum of 15 mph so we took it slowly around Sefton Park enjoying the sights and sounds and giving people the chance to enjoy the freedom of being on a bike again.

Danny provided a range of different bikes for people to try and we had the most glorious afternoon enjoying the beautiful sunshine in the most gorgeous park in Liverpool and loved every second.  Thank you to everyone who came along and had a go! 

Alan and Andy had a go on the hand operated bike which is great – the seats are next to each other and one person is in charge of braking and the other has the power assisted motor to help it along – both people are in charge of steering the bike so it is a good way of working together!  Alan also had a tour of Sefton Park on the trio bike and enjoyed every second of it.  It is really peaceful being the passenger of the trio bike and watching the world go by.

Ethan and his team came along as well and supported Ethan to have a try and he really enjoyed himself which was great to see.  James was superb filming on the move too! 

Many years ago Danny supported Peter and they cycled to Chester together.  Peter isn’t able to cycle his 2 wheel bike anymore but by using the trio bike Peter was able to go cycling again and have that same freedom as he used to have many years ago.  Cycling is an incredible sport and it is so lovely to be able to go around the park on the little cycle paths, enjoy the wonderful scenery and enjoy the wind in your face and Peter was beaming when he got off of the bike and hasn’t stopped talking about it since!  Watch this space for the next trip out! 

Thank you to all of the people who came along and had a go and to the amazing staff who enabled people we support to try new things.

Diane Hesketh CEO of Natural Breaks said "It's wonderful that we can enable people we support to have these opportunities to do things that they enjoy - or indeed used to enjoy and help them to participate again in another way.  Thank you to all of our staff for encouraging people we support to try something new.  It's been a really positive experience working with Pelaton Liverpool."

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