Natural Breaks have been working with Project Artworks on their Explorers Project. They are working with art organisations across the country to make galleries more accessible, inclusive and welcoming for people with complex needs. We are lucky enough that the Tate Liverpool are involved in this amazing project as this has allowed people we support to take part.

People we support have had the opportunity to work with professional artists to create some amazing pieces of work using a wide range of mediums.  It isn’t just about working with artists, the Tate Liverpool as a whole has looked at how it can best support and welcome people with complex needs, not just to visit but also to display work.  The Tate Liverpool now has a changing space for people, all staff members are working to help to make the space as a whole welcoming and safe for people with complex needs to have a positive experience from the moment they walk through the door.

Peter has never had the chance to work with artists before so the Explorers Project was a great opportunity for him to take part in something that was fully inclusive.  The artist who worked with Peter took the time to try different mediums for Peter to work with, first he used pastels, then paints on canvas and on acetate. He really enjoyed the chance to express himself using art and it was lovely to see him talking to the artist. 

Peter is a true gentleman and really worked hard to get involved. As a result of Pete’s support needs accessing such activities has proven difficult in the past. Working with the Tate Liverpool hhas been fantastic and allowed Pete to be given opportunity to explore Art and try something new. It was lovely to see him being given the same opportunities as everyone else.

We would like to thank Project Artworks and Tate Liverpool for involving us in this project and are looking forward to being involved in 2019.

If you would like to find out how to be supported by Natural Breaks or if you would like to apply to work for us we would love to here from you!