Natural Breaks has been privileged to be involved with Project Artworks ‘Illuminating the Wilderness Project’.  This project has been amazing for people with complex needs as it has enabled people we support to work with talented artists who understand people and enable people to be involved in creating, displaying and being a part of an exhibition in the Tate LiverpoolProject Artworks have worked with Tate Liverpool staff to give them the skills to deliver workshops and work with people with complex needs in the future and to see people with complex needs as leaders and artists in their own right and create an environment at the Tate Liverpool for people that is accessible to visit as a member of the public and to create and display art work as artists.

 It has been a pleasure to work with Project Artworks and Tate Liverpool over the past 2 years and raise awareness of the skills and value that people with complex need bring to the world of art. 

Diane Hesketh CEO of Natural Breaks said “I was honoured to speak at the Tate Liverpool about “Art, Social Care and Commissioning” last year and the value that art adds to everyone’s lives.  I’ve loved seeing people get involved and the pride in themselves when they have worked both collaboratively and on individual pieces of art.  Thank you to all of the team at Project Artworks and Tate Liverpool for including Natural Breaks in this process.”

Some of the people we support went along to the final event on Saturday 27th April at the Tate Liverpool and met all of the other organisations that have been involved and had the final chance of taking part in the one last art project.  Thank you for inviting us to be a part of this project.