On Tuesday we had a fantastic time at the Liverpool Watersports Centre with John, Andrea and Charles.  22 people went along from Natural Breaks to have a go on the brand new Wheelyboat the Sir Bert Massie.  The weather wasn’t the greatest but it didn’t dampen our spirits! 

The best thing about the boat is that there is movable seating so we could have different combinations of seats and friends could get on together – regardless of if they use a wheelchair or not.  Throughout the day Charles and the team at the Watersports Centre rejigged the seats so everyone was included and we had a brilliant day! 


Jenny, Cathy, Ian, Hilary and Anthony went out on the first boat – Hilary said “It was fantastic!  It was my first time and I loved it!  We had a great laugh on our boat!”

Anthony “I felt like James Bond!  I’ll be the captain next time!”

It was amazing to speed along the docks at 30 miles an hour  - it felt like we were flying!! We’ve all walked around the Albert Dock but not many of us has had the chance to have a tour from the water – it was boss!  We then went all the way along the docks to the marina and saw all the fantastic boats –the Navy Training Boats – it was great to do something that was such a one off!

Margaret who was supporting Debbie said “It’s been fantastic, Debbie hasn’t stopped smiling, it has been great and it’s great to do these things with your friends – I think we definitely need to come again!” 

Jacqui said “Everyone said they had an amazing time – the weather didn’t put anyone off and they would like to do it again!”

A huge thank you to Liverpool Watersports Centre for a fabulous day!