So much has been happening recently at Natural Breaks, we’ve had Planning for the Future days with families, A Taste of Life Course with Liverpool Community Spirit, a fabulous tour of the Fernand Leger exhibition at Tate Liverpool, the Make It Mondays, saying good bye to Michael after 25 years of service – it sometimes feels like a whirlwind of activity.

This week in The SG the group had said that they would like a catch up with each other.  People have wonderful friendships within in Natural Breaks and are supported to maintain and develop these and sometimes the best afternoons are just having a natter.  But it wouldn’t be Natural Breaks if we didn’t add a little bit extra for people we support!  People made and decorated Compliment Jars.  Everyone then wrote compliments to each other and put them in to the persons jar. 

Jamie said “I’ve loved today, I loved reading the compliments I received out to the group and it made me feel proud of myself.  I also loved writing compliments to all of my friends and to the staff at Natural Breaks.” 

CEO Diane Hesketh said “I do look forward to catching up with people in The SG and popping in to see what everyone has been getting up to.  The Compliment Jars were a good idea as everyone was so pleased with the compliments they had received and I enjoyed hearing people reading them aloud to the group and sharing such lovely things.  I also really enjoyed writing compliments to people too!” 

One of the support workers who was at the session said “It was a really positive and thought provoking session.  It was lovely to hear what everybody liked about each other and to see their smiles.  It is important as sometimes we all need reminding of our qualities.” 

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