TLAP (Think Local Act Personal) have launched their brand new ‘Making It Real’ webpage.


‘Making It Real’ is a framework that shows what good care and support looks like for people who draw on it.


The framework focuses on statements co-produced by people who draw on support and people who work in organisations that provide care.


The statements are split into 6 groups:

  • ·       Wellbeing and Independence
  • ·       Information and Advice
  • ·       Active and Supportive Communities
  • ·       Flexible and Integrated Care & Support
  • ·       When things need to change
  • ·       Workforce


To view the full statements, click here:


Natural Breaks have always strived to deliver the best, personalised care and support we can – involving the person who draws on support every step of the way and listening to how they want to live their lives and how they want their support to help achieve their goals.

We’ve made a commitment to ‘Making It Real’ and showing how the work we do always focuses on the wants, needs, aspirations, goals and preferences of people who draw on our support.


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