Last week Karen went to visit the Cunard Building to see part of the “This is Shanghai” exhibition. “This is Shanghai” is the second of three chapters of China Dream, a festival designed to celebrate the relationship between Liverpool and it’s twin city in China. 

There are other exhibitions around the City that are a part of “This is Shanghai”.  

Karen did not know quite what to expect, but it did not disappoint.  As she entered the exhibition she walked into “a jail”.  This was the first piece of art called “The Only Access” and all sides are fenced in with bars and there are 6 gates that open and close randomly, it was a bit worrying as she didn’t know if she would get back out once she’d got in!! 

The first exhibition was “The Same Warmth and Cold Throughout the Globe”.  It was all green and eerie and the shadows on the wall changed as the art and the projected lights moved around.  All the time the gates from the “jail” were squeaking open and shut and it created a spooky atmosphere. 

Karen then went to the “Three Hundred Character” art work and although you can still hear the gates slamming, opening and closing the light from them is warm and inviting, it was quite calming and beautiful. 

Karen then had some fun with the “Let’s Puff” video installation.  On one screen was a lady huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf and on the other the street scene was moving along with each puff. Karen stood between the lady and the street and managed not to get blown over!! 

The last thing she saw made her jump when all of a sudden it started to creak and grown! Called “Time Difference” it is hundreds of biscuit tins in a tower and each hour they crush against one another. 

To leave the building Karen braved the gates again, waiting patiently for them to open and then she was on her way! 

Karen said “I loved being locked up and waiting for the gates to open, I’ve never been here before it was good.” 

Afterwards, Karen went to the Fab4 Café in the Pier Head before getting the ferry to New Brighton. 

We are so lucky to have so many different things on our doorstep taking place in some beautiful buildings. So many events as the Liverpool Biennial is also on at the moment.  

Liverpool is a vibrant City – much like It’s twin Shanghai!

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