Natural Breaks held our annual Long Service Awards last week to celebrate the long service of our staff and to recognise their hard work and dedication to the people we support and our organisation.  We held our event at the Silvestrian Suites and put on afternoon tea with some prosecco to celebrate this amazing achievement.  It was a truly lovely afternoon with people bringing family and friends along to celebrate in their day. 

Diane Hesketh CEO said “It is testament to our organisation that we have so many staff that are long serving and I am so proud of all of the hard work and dedication.  Earlier in the week we welcomed new starters to Natural Breaks at our Welcome and Induction Day and here we are now celebrating long service, I'm so proud of our Natural Breaks family - new members and old."  

Each member of staff had a quote that a family member or colleague had written about them. 

 25 Year’s Service – Jacqui Afflick and Susan Gerrard 

Jacqui’s colleagues said “Jacqui is the heart of Natural Breaks and so invested in everyone, people we support and staff.  Jacqui is the lynch pin of the organisation and is the glue that binds us from the past to the present”. 

Susan’s colleagues said “Susan has a heart of gold which she tries to hide but we know better!  Sue is involved in lots of things behind the scenes, encouraging and supporting people to be the best they can be.  She is one of the most loved members of the team and respected by all”. 

20 Years’ Service -  Eve McCormack, Chris Hagan, John Davis, Sue Clements and Linda Irving 

Eve’s colleagues said “Eve is kind loyal and dedicated, she will go out of her way to make things happen for the individuals she supports, families and her colleagues, she would be on my list of who would take care of me”. 

The family of the man that Chris supports said “Chris has been loyal to Dan through the years. He does not need the job. He has a family, is moving in to a new house and is holding down a full-time job as a social worker. Despite all of this, he has stuck with Danny because he likes spending time with him. This is priceless and his loyalty and friendship is valued so much by all of us.” 

Linda’s work mates said “Linda is a lady who goes above and beyond for the person she supports and has such a kind heart.  Linda has supported many people over the years and has such a calm way about her, her kindness and thoughtfulness are what people remember when talking about Linda”. 

John’s Line Manager said “Although I haven’t known John very long, I have come to know him as a genuine and honest man with a true heart. The individuals he supports have a fantastic relationship with him and they are at the heart of what he strives to do. He is well respected by individuals and colleagues alike and he is the type of person you want on your team. I know I can always rely on John.  However, he is the wrong shade of blue as in he is red… what can you do… not everyone's perfect”. 

Sue’s Manager Joanne said “Sue - one of the Matriarchal figures of Natural Breaks Social & Learning, someone who has not only provided support and guidance to the people she has supported over the years, but also the families of those she supports and also her fellow colleagues.   Sue is ‘old school’, a grafter and not afraid to try new things with people and more importantly, ensure that people are having fun! Her attitude of getting stuck in and giving anything a go has meant that she has enriched the lives of many that she supported over the years”. 

15 Years’ Service - Peter Dalton, Sue Quinn, Sue Galvin, Jonathan Burrell, Ann Burns and Marie Carter 

Jonathan’s Manager Joanne said “Not to be deterred by his quiet persona, Jon is someone whom works hard to provide the support required to make a difference in someone’s life. He has provided consistent support for many people over the years and he is fondly thought of by the people he supports, their families and his fellow colleagues. Jon has a particular person whom always makes a bee line for him- and he’s always got the time to chat and show them the respect that they deserve!” 

Sue’s colleagues said “Sue Quinn or Sue Kirby as some of us still think of her as, is someone you can rely on and when people think of Sue they always smile and have a story to tell”. 

A family member said of Ann “She’s amazing. How would I put it?  She’s absolutely amazing. Jane loves her. If you were to look up social inclusion in the dictionary, Ann’s name would be there. If you could bottle Ann up and apply her to every support worker, then you would have a truly inclusive service. She’s gone on holiday with Jane, they bake cakes together. Jane does not feel like she is being supported when she’s with Ann. She feels like she is going out with a friend and that’s what it’s all about”. 

Peter’s Manager Joanne said “Peter is one of Natural Breaks finest, an all-rounder and someone whose laid back attitude means that he takes anything in his stride. His support and approach to people, whether it be the people we support or his fellow colleagues means that he is very well respected and in high demand!  Over the years, Peter has been an asset to the organisation, a true Natural Breaks’er! willing to get stuck in and help out in times of need”. 

A family member said of Sue “Sue is such a lovely, smiley happy personality. She’s brilliant with Kate and she’s brilliant with our family. She’s just a nice, warm friendly person and we couldn’t ask for more”. 

Marie’s colleagues said “Marie always sings to Jen and would really encourage Jen to speak and have a good old natter with Cath.  Marie always has time for the individuals she supports”. 

Thank you to all our staff – we really appreciate what you do.

 If you would like to know more about Natural Breaks and what we do we would love to hear from you!