People we support have just returned from the 11th Annual trip to Newquay and what an AWESOME holiday everyone had!  The Newquay Holiday takes some organising and we would like to thank the Liverpool Lions for their support and for the Newquay Lions who were on hand for the entire week, driving us to all of the wonderful trips that they had organised for us in their mini-buses and for hosting such wonderful events.  We had such an amazing time and the amazing memories that we made with our friends in Newquay will stay with us forever. It really is the highlight of the year, a real holiday with our friends away from parents and carers.

The coach journey was epic and a lot of fun and it was great when we finally arrived and the Newquay Lions had organised the welcome BBQ. It is great to see our friends each year in the Lions and they do the best BBQ ever!

The caravans that the Lions have are amazing, a real home away from home and the staff from Natural Breaks worked really hard to support us to prepare food together, keep the caravans clean and tidy and to make sure we did not forget anything when we left!

We had so much fun in the week and it went by in a in a flash!  The Lions organised for us to go to the beautiful Newquay beaches, swimming, tennis lessons, Dairy land and Camel Creek, it was non-stop.  In the evening we were on the dance floor at the Hendra Holiday Camp Club and had such a laugh.  The last night were a lot of tears and speeches as we said goodbye to everyone in the Newquay Lions at the Pasty and Pint Night.

Jamie said “I can’t thank the Liverpool Lions and Newquay Lions enough for organising and helping us to have this holiday it is amazing.  I can’t wait for it to come around all year and when it does, I love it. I am so thankful for the Lions support, it is the best thing ever!”

Peter who had supported on the holiday for the last couple of years said “The Newquay Lions are so friendly and welcoming and make this a superb holiday for people we support. I love seeing how much people enjoy being on their holidays away from their families and having a great time with their friends.”

Everyone at Natural Breaks would like to thank the Liverpool Lions and Newquay Lions for their support it is really appreciated and makes such a difference to the lives of people we support and their families.