Natural Breaks have been working with Outreach Sailing to develop skills of people we support around: 

  • Communication
  • Problem solving
  • Team work
  • Responsibility 

It has been an absolutely FANTASTIC course and people have really enjoyed learning so many new things – both people we support and staff who have been supporting people to enable this to happen.


Outreach Sailings final sail of the year was with Mustafa, Anthony and Andy and they sailed out on to the River Mersey.  As a team under Alan’s expert guidance they travelled out of the lock of Liverpool Marina and on to the River Mersey.  The weather was a wee bit grey, with some rain and gusting wind as using the engine we moved out towards the middle of the River. 


The guys worked as a team to stow away the fenders that hang around the boat to stop it banging in to the docks and then to unfurl the sails.  It is an amazing experience to sail using just the power of the wind.  It is really quiet and peaceful and you can hear the sound of the waves all around, it is hard to explain how awesome it feels to be out in nature, in charge of a sailing boat with your friends – out of this world – thank you Alan. 

Anthony said “I’ve really enjoyed being on the course and steering the boat, I’d like to go on more trips and get more confident, we seen porpoises last week swimming by the boat in the water.”


Mustafa said “It was dead brilliant.”


Andy said “It has inspired me to try new things I wouldn’t normally do, I’ve really enjoyed it and it is something I am going to do in my own time in the future.”


The guys spent a few hours sailing along the Mersey River, taking it in terms to steer the boat, Alan made us all a cuppa below deck and we learned how to “tack” the sails in the wind. 

What a fantastic opportunity for the people we support – thank you Alan.

 If you would like to know more about Natural Breaks and what we do we would love to hear from you!