Chrissie has been supported by Natural Breaks for 17 years and with our support she is still living in her own home. 

Chrissie loves going away and when she heard about the new NB Caravan in North Wales nothing was going to stop her from having a well deserved weekend away! 

Chrissie and said “We had a long drive down so we stopped for some lunch on the way which was lovely.  Jacqui gave me the keys to open the door and it was just beautiful inside, all new and gleaming and everything was so comfortable.  I’d never stayed in a caravan before and I can’t believe how lovely it was.  We had a cup of tea and then went to the club for the bingo – I love playing bingo – I’ve not been to the bingo in years and although I was waiting on a few numbers I didn’t win this time.  We had a few drinks – I loved the cabaret bar and the disco – I don’t go out in the night often so it was a nice change. 

We came in and had a little sing and dance and then went to bed – the rooms are really lovely and the bathroom was great as it was all on the flat.  We had a lovely lie in in the morning and then had a gorgeous cooked breakfast and I loved feeding my toast crusts to the seagulls outside of the door.  The site is so peaceful and we had lovely weather.  We went to Rhyl for the day and it was great, I enjoyed shopping on the little market there and I got myself some lovely clothes to wear to the club that night – I gave the girls a bit of a fashion show in the lovely galley kitchen in the caravan before we went out. 

We had a chippy tea when we got in and it was a great day. 

On Sunday we took our time getting ready to leave as I didn’t want to go and I am definitely going to be going back again soon!"

The caravan is for people we support, families of people we support and our staff can use it for holidays.  To book you need to ring the office on 0151 207 9120.  For more information on the caravan click here