We would like to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to Paul and Anthony for inviting us along to their “Meet the Neighbours” Afternoon last week.  It was lovely to go and visit them in their new home.  Paul gave us a tour of the house and it is beautiful!  Paul and Anthony have been working really hard in getting the house clean from top to bottom; mowing the lawn; pulling weeds; choosing the paint; decorating; picking their new wardrobes and new things for the house.  On top of all of that Paul has also been planning on what his new ensuite was going to look like, which tiles and the best layout – and it looks amazing.  We are really proud of how everyone on the team have worked so hard and gone above and beyond to help Paul and Anthony get their home the way they want it and supported Paul and Anthony through the whole moving process – looking at different properties, choosing furniture, listening to any worries they may have and explaining what will happen – the staff have been superb.

Paul and Anthony had asked their support team to help them to organise a party to invite all of the neighbours round so that they could meet everyone.  It was fantastic and all of the neighbours came along and bought lovely gifts for Paul and Anthony and welcomed them to their new home.  Paul asked for people to make a toast and made sure that we all had some Bucks Fizz to celebrate with.  It was lovely to meet the neighbours, most people have lived there since the houses had been built and it has a real sense of community.   Paul was really surprised that his friend Mary and Ali from the legion lived round the corner from his new home - so he invited them both along as well.  Sheila another friend from the legion lives at the ‘bottom’ of Paul’s & Anthony’s garden and they currently have a ‘gate’ they can access if they need a hand or just want a gab!!

All of the neighbours were very welcoming and delighted to meet their new neighbours!  Paul and Anthony have got to know their neighbours by name now - the guys have Dan and Lesley, Pat and Jerry, David, Joan, Pat and Lily and of course Sheila at the bottom of the garden. Paul always shouts “Hello!!” to Sheila when he spots her in her garden!”  It is a wonderful community and everyone looks out for each other.

People say that moving home is one of the 3 most stressful things that happen to us in our lives and that is just what Paul and Anthony have been through and not just survived but are thriving!

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