Emmerdale Village Tour was a trip that many people we support at Natural Breaks had wanted to go on for a long time. With the chance to see some of the soap’s famous sites in person, like The Woolpack and David’s Shop, who could say no?


September 5th marked the day of our most anticipated trip and we got ready to set off for Leeds. We had a group of 48 people and had the pleasure to bring along members from Mencap Liverpool and Sefton with us.


Our coach ride started with lunch and handing out both crisps and water to everybody on board, as the sun was shining on the day.


After that, in true Natural Breaks fashion, we played a round of bingo as well as an Emmerdale Quiz. One of the men we support helped shout out the bingo numbers and even knew all the bingo lingo – like “two little ducks, 22”. Prizes of chocolate and wine were given out to both our bingo winners and Emmerdale Quiz winners.


The coach journey took us one and a half hours to get to Emmerdale. So, we were early for our tour and gave everybody the opportunity to go the toilet and stretch their legs.


The Tour

Our Tour Guide James took us to the Emmerdale Village. Here, our group saw The Woolpack, David’s Shop, Main Café and all the character’s houses. We were able to take photos of all the sites and our group had fun being able to walk around the village and be part of Emmerdale.


James told us a number of facts about Emmerdale, from the days the cast film to who owns the one and only Woolpack.

Meeting the Dingles

To make our Breakers Day Out extra special, Natural Breaks decided to add the Star Studded Tour to our booking. Included in this was the chance to meet a real cast member from Emmerdale!


Once we had finished exploring the village, our group was escorted into a big room which would be used for us to meet the Emmerdale star. After a few moments of anticipation, we finally found out we were meeting SAM DINGLE!


James Hooton (who plays Sam Dingle) met and took photos with each person in our group. He was friendly, kind and chatty. It was the icing on our little Emmerdale trip cake.


Breakers Day Outs

The Breakers Day Outs are part of our ‘Take a Break’ project. The reason for our project is to create accessible, affordable and inclusive activities for both people we support and beyond to enjoy.


So far in 2023, Natural Breaks have organised trips to Cadbury World, Chester Zoo and Emmerdale Village.


For each trip, we include people we support in deciding where to go. This enables us to always choose the best place that is suited to the interests and hobbies of people we support.


You can donate to our ‘Take a Break’ project and help us continue delivering the best Breakers Days Out.


If you would like to chat further about our Breakers Days Out or ‘Take a Break’ project, call us on 0151 207 9120 or drop an email to [email protected].