Something amazing has been going on in Bootle Strand and Natural Breaks was lucky enough to be a part of it.  In Another Place have managed to find a way back to Narnia and we were all delighted to join them on the journey! 

As a group of evacuees we travelled from Paddington Station to the Professors House and travelled through the wardrobe to Narnia brushing past the fur coats and into the wintry forest beyond. We found our way to the lamppost and Mr Tummnus invited us to his house, we crossed the icy river to Mrs Beavers Lodge and braved the Castle of the White Witch. We met with Aslan and he gave his life in place of Edmunds only for the stone table to crack and he rose again and all of the Narnian creatures came back to life and we travelled to Cair Paravel.  The Professor spoke with us on the way out of Narnia and he too had been to Narnia when he was young and had amazing adventures – like us. 

The story of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe is special to so many people and so much work has gone in to creating this magical world on our doorstep – well done to everyone involved.  

Derry said “The actors were great, the White Witch was excellent.”  

One of the people we support Jody had designed and painted the Icy River and it was great and he is going to be working on creating window displays for the Bootle Strand Grotto that In Another Place are going to be hosting – we would advise you don’t miss it!  Paula a lady who we support made Mrs Beavers blanket from socks that kept her snug and warm - the attention to detail was amazing. 

Thank you everyone for making us all so welcome!