On Saturday 9th November a dark and rain swept night – Mark and Lynne travelled to St George’s Hall to take part in a Ghost Hunt with Greg from TV’s Most Haunted and what an evening it was! 

When they arrived people were split into 2 groups of about 20 people.  It was really great to meet Greg and get his autograph and Lynne was a little bit star struck! 

After the night had been explained to everyone Mark and Lynne’s group went down to the cells in the pitch black and the atmosphere was oppressive.  They began by doing the Ouiji Board – this was no outing for the faint hearted and the energy around the glass was all over the place.  Greg asked everyone to remove their fingers one at a time to see if it was a person who was blocking the flow and as Mark took away his finger the glass shot to “good bye”! 

Beneath St George’s Hall are a series of catacombs and Lynne felt drawn down an dark corridor by the spirit of an extremely tall man – at least 6 foot 5 and she could sense he wasn’t happy and the presence stayed with her for much of the evening and became so intense that it was like something pressing into her head. 

The group did the “human pendulum” and one of the women who were on the Ghost Hunt was being pushed backwards and forwards as the questions were posed to the spirit that was in the room.  

The group then went up to the Court Rooms where the other group had been and although the first group had had lots happen the spirits were still. 

The evening finished about 2am. 

Mark said “I really enjoyed the evening, but was a little bit disappointed nothing happened to me but I know that something did happen to others and that was really good.  I  would now like to do it again though and maybe do an overnight stay somewhere.. and hope I have some kind of experience.” 

Lynne said “I’ve supported people for a lot of years now and this was definitely one of the most unusual things I’ve supported someone to do but I know that that was something Mark has always wanted to do and I’ve an interest in the paranormal too – this was definitely one of those nights that we supported someone to fulfil a dream."

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