Every Wednesday at Greenbank Sports Academy the accessible bikes are available to everyone from 10am – 12 noon.  Kath used to go on lots of bike rides in the past – we invited everyone we support to come along and a group of us went along to have a go.

The verdict: It was wheely, wheely great!!

We are all different ages, we have different skills and all of us got to have a go on the day and it was great to have a good workout with our friends!  Ted had a go on the double bike with Brian to begin with and was giving it loads – and did a lot of laps of the hall.  Ted then went on the bike that he could sit on in his wheelchair and he loved that too – it was lots of fun.  Louis jumped on the double bike with Lesley and was unstoppable.  Karen and Kath were whizzing round on the trikes and Tom was on a two wheeler and didn’t stop once! 

Karen said “When are we coming back?”

Kath kept us all motivated to keep going and to try and catch up with her – no easy task!

We had a fantastic time and will definitely be back soon!

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