Natural Breaks are really excited to have received a limited edition #OneWorld football by Mark Wallinger from Lifestyles and Liverpool City Council.  One World is a special art commission marking the centenary of the First World War through football. 

We were asked to create and share our videos on facebook, twitter and Instagram showing the One World football in motion – it was up to us what we did!

Karen and Tom were asked if they would like to be involved and we were delighted when they said “yes!”.  As the theme was ‘One World’ we thought about what is important to us.  Karen and Tom LOVE our City, so we decided to film the ball in places that are iconic – so we decided to have a game of catch at the top of the Anglican Cathedral!  It is great to look over the City from the top of the tower and see the whole of the City laid out below – it does feel like the top of the world!

Whilst we were up the tower we stopped to look at the Elizabeth Hoare Embroidery Gallery and you can also look down on the inside of the Cathedral from above and it is amazing to see things from a different point of view!

Liverpool is lucky enough to have 2 cathedrals so we couldn’t miss the Metropolitan Cathedral at the other end of Hope Street so we went along and had a kick about on the plaza in front of the Metropolitan Cathedral.  We have some absolutely amazing spaces in our City.

Tom made a short video bouncing the ball outside of the Everyman theatre.  The Everyman is a big part of Natural Breaks as for the past 15 years we have been going to the Rock and Roll Panto and everyone adores this – it is one of the most beloved traditions and the Everyman is very special to people.

We also went to Loud and Clear Radio in Kensington as Karen volunteers in the Café attached and it is a very important place to Karen and Tom as they are making a radio program.

We plan to continue taking the #OneWorld football to film it in places that mean a lot to people.  The  message we will be using and that we have been asked to use for this project is “We belong to #OneWorld” and we hope you agree how true this is!