In February, we set up a photo competition for our staff to submit photos that show "We Believe Living an Ordinary Life Can Be Extraordinary."

The competition is judged by Joel Hansen, Editor of the Scottie Press, so it is completely independent - although I suspect that there may be a very definite Everton influence in some of his choices!!

The prize for the winning photo is £25 and you've got to be in it to win it!

Our July winner is this picture taken by Chris Waterworth.

Joel said "This is my favourite because I like the setting and Dave's pose!"

Joel said "This one is second - just because it is at Goodison!"

Our first winner was Hope McNulty back in April with this shot of Tom on the drums at Vulcan Studios.  Congratulations to Hope!

Our runners-up were these 2 fantastic photos - no prizes just acknowledgement of some extremely amazing photography skills.

Thank you to everyone who sends in their gorgeous pictures and keep them coming!