Natural Breaks have been lucky enough to be working with Alan and Jill from Outreach Sailing to ensure the people we support and staff can learn some boat craft skills. Helming and manoeuvring the yacht, diesel engine safety checks, using the radios and the correct words to use, the basic knots for mooring the yacht and much, much more! 

On Friday’s we have Anthony, Mustafa, Maureen and Andy who are having a “whale” of a time out on the water! 

They are on their 2nd week of the course and have spent some time on the radio practising the correct way to call another boat, change channels, radio etiquette and using the phonetic alphabet.  Then working as a team we unmoored the Jeeona and spent the afternoon manoeuvring around the Marina.  We’ve been really blessed with the weather, it was bright and breezy and there is no better place to be than on the deck of a yacht, with the sun on your face with great people. 

Anthony said “It’s great when your steering the ship and being the Captain – you’ve got to be responsible for everyone who is on board”. 

Andy said “I wouldn’t have ever tried sailing and it’s a great opportunity for both me and Mustafa to learn something new and we are working from the same starting point which is really good.  I think I’d definitely continue sailing after this course has finished”. 

Diane said “Working with other organisations is really exciting and I am really pleased to hear all of the great feedback from both staff and people on the course about what they are getting out of being on this course.  I am really grateful to Outreach Sailing for working with Natural Breaks on this project”. 

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