Earlier in the year, people we support asked if Natural Breaks could help to enable people to try their hand at photography.  We asked if anyone would like to donate any old digital cameras that they were no longer using to us and some of you kindly helped us – thank you.

In early September, we went along to the beautiful Bishop Lodge Gardens for our first photography trials.  Bishop Lodge Gardens is a little slice of heaven in South Liverpool.   The gardens are gorgeous and peaceful, with fountains, winding paths, croquet lawn, vegetable patch, wooded groves, lavender garden and amazing flowers all coming together to create a tranquil space - we were lucky enough to spend the day.  We looked at the different settings on the cameras and experimented with taking pictures of different flowers, the fountains, each other and Tom spotted a squirrel, although it was a bit too fast on this occasion!


We looked at taking photos from up close and at different angles, all whilst exploring these amazing grounds.  Tom, Bill and Alan took lots of time to find things that they wanted to take photos of and the best way to do it – there was lots of trial and error.


Bill said “I’ve really enjoyed today, it’s been good, I’ve got my own camera.”

If people have any more digital cameras that they would like to give to us, we would be very grateful so that more people can get involved next time.

If you would like to know more about Natural Breaks and what we do we would love to hear from you!